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Does your business require some AUTOMATED MARKETING TECHNOLOGY? Consider it done. We have amazing solutions for businesses of any size!


Email/SMS Campaigns

You have a message and you need it received. All we have to do is send it! Whether it is for an entire list of clients who have purchased from your business before or a regular mailing list, we can send regular emails and texts to anybody you need to reach.

Tracking And Analytics

Need data? Not a problem! From day one of using our service, all performance will be tracked. This will lead to insights whether we should keep going with a particular marketing strategy or switch to something more effective. Every step of the way, you are kept in the loop.

Increase Sales Using Existing Clients

Did you know that after one purchase, a satisfied client has a 27% chance of purchasing again? Adding to this, if you can get them to come back a second or third time they have a 54% chance of making another purchase. With Marketing Automation on your side, we can further establish your Brands trust factor.

Automated Task Scheduling

Let's say for example have something to say to all your clients every Friday. With our automated task scheduling you can send anything from an email to a text to anyone on your list. The sky is the limit.

Custom Marketing Toolset

At our disposal (hopefully yours too) we at Simplico have a large repertoire of marketing software that is used to scale any size of business.


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