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Press Releases

Let us get it out there! Advertise milestones, gain trust for your brand, and reach your target audiences.


Gain Instant Exposure

Press releases allow you to get the word out quickly. We work with the press to allow your next milestone, big announcement, or next product release look the absolute best it can! Whatever your aim is, we have a team of creative writers that can cover your story. Reach more people who are qualified investors, increase your total brand reach, and enjoy more business.

Establish Your Industry Expertise Through Trust

Like many newsworthy things, regular updates have to be made. Multiple press releases, done effectively, will allow a brand to flourish. The public will get to know your brand through the discovery of the press release, and over time come to trust your brand more. Imagine what that could do for your business. We are here to serve you!

Reaching Your Desired Target Audience

With press releases we are able to customize who receives your news. We work with you to find the best possible options to get your message in front of more people who are very likely to buy from you. During our simple investigation process, we will figure out the most effective, cost effective, and exciting path forward for you to get your news out there.

Press Release = SEO Benefits + Website Traffic Increase

Further search engine optimization benefits and increases in website traffic often occur after successful press release campaigns. Simplico will work with your company to make sure you are fully optimized for the increased sales opportunities from a successful press release. When people type in google, they will usually find your brand much easier.

Quality News Release = Sell Much More

At Simplico we focus on bringing you a quality experience. Your story is newsworthy, and we will provide all the help you need for it to have the most successful release. Quality photos, graphics, and overall presentation is important! Also our specialty.


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